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I’m so excited to roll out this coaching program! For years, you have attended workshops, Facebook groups, watched YouTube videos, had mentorship coffee dates, ordered posing guides, etc., trying to make your business more productive and successful. What you’ve realized is that growing your business takes a personal approach. Everyone’s business is different. Everyone has their own unique abilities. Trying to implement a templated solution isn’t the right approach for you to grow your business.

After being self-employed for the majority of my adult life and after photographing 400+ weddings all over the world, I’ve learned what it takes to create a thriving photography business. One that can afford me the ability to get paid well to travel, one that can fill my calendar beyond my wildest dreams (73 weddings in ONE YEAR) and one that runs exactly how I want it to. Through thousands of hours of tweaking everything in my approach on my business, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t for me, and I’m ready to use all of this experience to help YOU with your personalized business goals! You deserve to have a mentor/coach who is truly invested in the growth of your business and is willing to see you through all aspects as you level up!

What's Included
with your business coaching program

This Business Coaching program is designed to implement different improvements to your business throughout the course of a year, but you can stay for as little or as long as you’d like.  Throughout your mentorship, you will receive:

• A monthly plan to help learn and execute on things you want to improve with your business followed up with an end of month review on your goals where we will check progress. These meetings can be done via zoom / text / or in person meetings at Flynn’s Room (my brand new downtown Des Moines studio opening June 1st where myself and members of this business coaching group will exclusively be able to shoot, use as a workspace, hang, etc). 

• Free admissions to workshops that I hold throughout the year at Flynn’s Room (lighting, social media, editing, all-day wedding intensive, legal, etc. 4-6 workshops per year)

• 2 styled shoots exclusively for members of this group per year.

• 1 day per month where each member can choose a one hour slot of free studio time at Flynn’s Room to use to practice and/or bring in your clients for shoots (with exclusive ability to book extra hours for business coaching members only)

•Access to a private Facebook group where we will share wedding leads, business ideas, answer questions, etc.

• One headshot or lifestyle photo from me per month for consistent content for your business

In addition to our monthly calls, you and I will have completely open lines of communication for whenever you have questions. Additionally, I will be offering paid second shooting and assisting opportunities to members if you’d like to gain paid, on-the-job experience!

  • 01

    Whether it's pricing strategy, communication emails to your clients or building a marketing plan to book exactly what you'd like, we will cover everything in the annual program.

  • 02

    Reception lighting, lens selection, creative shooting techniques and so much more will be covered in the photography sections.

  • 03

    Looking for website and portfolio critiques? We'll be doing that as well as understanding your voice and how you present yourself to clients!

Photography is my jam. The business side, not so much. 
When I first met Jason I could tell that he was not only extremely knowledgeable about the business side of things, but he loves the things about having a photo business that I don’t: running numbers, creating spreadsheets, and making sense of his data. I had built a successful brand, but at this point, I was interested in creating a plan that will take my business to the next level. 
Not only was Jason beyond flexible when it came to scheduling, but but it was obvious to see he how invested he was in helping me reach my goals from the very beginning. He was able to help me narrow down exactly what those goals were and created a tangible and attainable plan to make them happen. 
In the short time we’ve been able to work together, he has challenged the way I’ve always done things and helped me execute better, more efficient methods. He broke things down in a way that made sense and has really shed so much light on areas of my business that I was lacking in. I would highly recommend him to anyone who really wants to take their business to the next level because Jason will absolutely help you do that. 

I have loved having Jason as a mentor while I grow my photography business. He has shown me how to turn a passion into something profitable by creating a customized plan for me and my business all while teaching me skills to enhance my craft. Since working with Jason I have felt more confident in my work and feel connected with a great group of other photographers who support me and my work!

I was on a casual search for a mentor for about 4 months before I decided to try Jason’s mentorship.  Once I realized that my photos couldn’t just “speak for themself” because I wasn’t getting website traction or the social media clout that I was wanting, I realized I needed some business help and Jason has done just that. I like that the mentorship is a continuous relationship and not just a one time 1-8 hour “mentor session” which is what I was seeing.
Jason has been exactly what I have been looking for as a mentor; authentic, kind, fun, goal-oriented but most importantly, incredibly knowledgable about the wedding photography industry. He is ALWAYS available for a quick question, a critique or encouragement. You are guaranteed to improve your business, your editing and shooting, I couldn’t recommend the mentorship with Jason highly enough.

Your personalized business coaching experience is waiting for you at only:

If you're ready to grow your photography business, subscribe through this link and I will reach out to set up our first Skype / in-person meeting to chat about your business and goals!