New York City engagement photography | Anna + Dave
New York City engagement photography
Anna and Dave

New York City engagement photography

Anna and Dave

Anna and Dave’s New York City engagement photography session was an absolute blast! Everything was clicking all day long and we had so much fun hanging out while also taking beautiful photos together. We started the day in Stamford, CT where I met Anna and Dave at their place. We then drove to a beach in Greenwich, CT which was absolutely beautiful. Arriving early in the day, we caught the sun while it was still rising and the light was perfect! The sun lit the couple beautifully while not being too harsh of light to work with.

After the beach, we hopped on a train to head into the city for some New York City engagement photography. While some people would put their camera away until they arrived in the city, I kept my camera out. I was so thankful that I did, we made some amazing contrasty and vibrant images that had a cinematic look and feel to them while waiting for the train. Truth be told, these are some of my favorite images from the day.

Once we got into the city, we took some classic New York City engagement photography shots such as Anna and Dave joyfully crossing the street. Note: taking this image is way more stressful than the image depicts. It’s best to find a one way street so that you only have to worry about traffic from one direction. We took a mid-engagement session break to enjoy drinks at While We Were Young.

After that we finished our session and then over-indulged in some more NYC food, it’s so dangerous in the city. There are so many great options! All in all, a great day was had and I’m so thankful that I got to connect with Anna and Dave, they instantly felt like long-time friends!

Thank you for taking a look at this New York City engagement photography!

Be sure to also check out Anna’s awesome blog post about Her and Dave’s engagement experience on Bliss and Bellini’s!

Also, check out one of my favorite New York City weddings I’ve photographed over here! If you’re recently engaged, I wrote an article full of questions to ask a wedding photographer that will be a great resource for you!

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  1. Anna

    You are the BEST!! Thank you again for an awesome day- we can’t wait for the wedding!

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