78th Street Studios Wedding | LaRaun + Charles
78th Street Studios wedding
LaRaun and Charles

78th Street Studios wedding

LaRaun and Charles

So many highlights to LaRaun and Charles’ big day at their 78th Street Studios wedding, but I’ll keep it to two: New Orleans style second line entrance for the wedding party was HANDS DOWN the best reception entrance I’ve ever seen and these two ended my night by gifting me a bottle of my favorite adult beverage as well as having my favorite song cued up with the DJ to send me out. Talk about caring guys.

We started off the morning at the Hilton Downtown in their graffiti suite. The light coming in from the floor to ceiling windows along with the modern decor made this a really fun getting ready location to photograph. For portrait locations, LaRaun and Charles wanted something unique. We photographed portraits at an abandoned warehouse. The juxtaposition of the tattered warehouse and the wedding party looking stunning was an awesome combination. There is a portrait of Charles with a streak of light coming across his face that might be one of my favorite groom portraits ever!

Next we heading to the wedding venue at 78th Street Studios for a few more portraits. I did a fun composite shot of the wedding party in one of the freight elevators by lighting everyone individually and merging the dozen images together. We then used some of the art from 78th street studios as a backdrop for more portraits with Charles and LaRaun.

Everyone then got ready for the ceremony to take place. The ceremony was filled with emotion. The photo of Charles wiping LaRaun’s tears is absolutely heart melting! After the ceremony, there was a nice cocktail hour and then the real fun started.

Thanks for checking out this 78th Street Studios wedding ceremony, now let’s party!

Charles and LaRaun opted for a New Orlean’s themed reception. This, of course, included a second line entrance. The MC was absolutely incredible and the energy in the wedding party entrance was like nothing I’ve ever seen. This was definitely a highlight in all of the weddings that I’ve photographed. This energy continued throughout the night as the dance floor was packed and everyone was in full celebration mode! Charles and LaRaun’s wedding was hands down one of my favorites. I’m so thankful and lucky to be able to capture such a special day in such a fun way.


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    Hedge Gallery
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    78th Street Studios
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